“Koraal heeft samen met Anke twee grote symposia georganiseerd in Eindhoven. Haar ervaring en professionele aanpak zorgden voor rust in het voorbereidende traject. Aanmeldingen verliepen soepel evenals het registreren van de vele deelnemers voor de verschillende workshops. Ook tijdens het evenement is Anke een rots in de branding en zorgt zij ervoor dat alles gladjes verloopt. Anke heeft zich snel ingeleefd in het DNA van een organisatie. Dat gaf mij het gevoel dat ik met een directe collega aan het werk was en niet met “iemand extern”. En dat zie je uiteindelijk terug in de kwaliteit van het event. Top!”

Mehlika Schopen | Manager Communicatie | Koraal

“Once again thank you for organising another amazing EDC experience , as usual it was perfect. Looking forward to seeing you next year.”

Terry O’Connell | SVP Commercial Operations D+M Europe B.V | A division of Sound United

“Last year we threw the biggest event we’ve ever done, and Anke was absolutely instrumental to our success. She kept us painstakingly organized, negotiated with the hotel and other vendors on our behalf, and helped us make every big decision along the way. It would have been impossible to have succeeded without her.”

Michael McCole | Head of Marketing | Sound United America

“If all clients were like you!!! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to work with you on this project. It was the start of a great work relationship as well as a new friendship.
Anke, believe us when I say the feeling is mutual. In the years I have been working in this industry I have seldom seen the commitment, dedication and enthusiasm you have shown in this project. D&M are very lucky to have you looking after them! ”

Douglas Barbaro Sant + Erika Farrugia Harding | Owners DMC MIMalta

“I really do not know if I have expressed you enough my great THANK YOU for your confidence, your professionalism, your support always, your excellent tables of excel , the wines together, and a long etc that have made me feel more comfortable working with you than with another client in my entire professional life. I wish we could continue working in other projects in the near future because working for you is much easier. And I stop, otherwise I would not finish ever… THANK YOU”

Olimpia Orozco | Owner DMC DirecToSpain

“Our Sound United group has been working with Anke’s company for many years. Always attentive, conscientious and reactive, she always find the best solution to suit you. We just finished an event together and once again she proved that we can count on her even in the most delicate situations. Our plane was cancelled at the last minute…30 people stuck in an airport and the airline company tells us that the next flight is in 2 days!! Anke took charge of the situation, sent us a bus back to our hotel and found us 30 seats for a flight from another airport the next day back to Paris! Amazing !Thanks again!”

Pascale Odeau | General Assistant MarCom | Sound United

“Seriously, what a show. Your consistent positive attitude and ability to (seemingly) magically appear just when we needed you was remarkable. Thank you and your team so much for helping us put on this rock star of a first NADC.”

Cassidy McEachern-Stains | Digital Marketeer | Sound United America

“I would like to thank you for another year of great preparation and support for the European Dealer Conference 2016 in Malta. It was again a pleasure to work with you and you have a great portion to make every year our EDC to a success.”

Lukas Henninghaus | D+M Group | Senior Global Marcom Manager D+M Group

“As always, you and your team were brilliant. Thank you very much for all your support and excellent work. Now onto planning next year’s EDC.”

Marianne Ferguson | D+M Group | Global Marcom Leader (New Media)

“Anke heeft de uitdaging aangenomen om een rol in het Atrium-Orbis fusie programma aan te nemen, waar ik programma-manager Training en Verandermanagement was. Anke heeft een zeer natuurlijke stijl van het verbinden van mensen en het beste uit hen te halen. Onder haar verantwoordelijkheid hebben we met succes meer dan 3000 ziekenhuismedewerkers in hun onderwijsprogramma ingepland. Dit was een enorme inspanning als gevolg van de complexiteit van het schema.”

Matthijs Boom | Deloitte Management Consulting | Manager